Bundit Puangthong – Finalist in Bendigo Art Prize 2009

Bundit Puangthong One Went Off 2008

Gallery artist Bundit Puangthong has been selected in the Bendigo Art Gallery Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize 2009.  Bundit’s work ONE WENT OFF (above) encapsulates everything that is wonderful about his work: colour, composition and the jumble of words, themes and associations – Buddhist, Thai and American Pop culture.  Mixed media on canvas 168.0 x 198.0 cm $6,300


Art Sunday – Stefan Dunlop in Conversation

A student of the Slade School in London and the New York Studio School, Stefan Dunlop paints on a grand scale. 

Please join Stefan in conversation as he discusses his work and why he finds painting utterly addictive.

Art Sunday, 26 July 2009, 2.00-3.00pm     RSVP  gallery@edwinacorlette.com

Stefan Dunlop in Conversation

Stefan Dunlop selected works

Stefan Dunlop’s Selected Works exhibition is currently on view at the gallery.

Explorer's II
Explorer's II after photograph by Alfred Gregory 2007

 Of his work Stefan says:

I’m interested in the reality not the symbol. I refer to my work at the moment as a kind of ‘patchy painting’. I have moved away from previous linear and spatial explorations and currently work using large patches of colour to build positive space out from the picture plane. The resulting work is solid and in the best examples creates a kind of exploded space beyond the canvas. 

Stefan will be ‘In Conversation’ at the gallery as part of Brisbane’s Art Sunday on 26 July


Stefan Dunlop at the University of Texas

Bushesque 2009

Bushesque 2009



Stefan Dunlop was recently awarded a University of Texas artist residency, Central Trak, which he will take up in 2010.

Stefan was also shortlisted for the LAUNCH Clayton Utz Travelling Scholarship held recently at Metro Arts in Brisbane.

His exhibition Selected Works opens at the gallery towards the end of this month, and will feature an artist talk at Brisbane’s forthcoming Art Sunday, to be held on 26 July 2009.  


Margarita Georgiadis forthcoming exhibition…


Margarita Georgiadis The Experiment 2009
Margarita Georgiadis The Experiment 2009


Margarita Georgiadis’s forthcoming show The Dust Weavers – A Prelude opens at ECG in early August.

For Margarita, the process of painting resembles that of writing a book.  In her work we discover a record of life which finds resonance through its unfolding. 

To view more of her beautiful works, refer to the following link: