Tamanui & Dunlop to Parliament House Collection

Congratulations to gallery artists Stefan Dunlop and Regan HaHa Tamanui, whose works have been acquired by the Parliament House Collection in Canberra.

Yellow Road 2009
Yellow Road 2009

Stefan Dunlop’s work YELLOW ROAD (pictured) from his recent solo exhibition at the gallery will be hung alongside other landscape works by Queensland artists.  Stefan recently showed in a group exhibition at the Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong, and next month appears with other young Australian artists in Jonny White’s COMODAA gallery in London.

Also four works by Melbourne stencil artist Regan HaHa Tamanui have been purchased by the Parliament House Collection.  THE MAN MUNDINE, THE BLUES VS THE HAWKS (pictured), MICHAEL CLARK and THE KING from Tamanui’s exhibition Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi Oi Oi depict Australian sporting legends in full flight…

The Blues vs The Hawks

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