MIRANDA SKOCZEK – Patterns of Knowledge

Miranda Skoczek – Patterns of Knowledge

Opening Night, Friday, 30 October 2009, 6-8pm

Miranda Skoczek’s art gestures towards utopia. Her paintings, which draw freely from across the globe’s visual languages, allow the viewer to witness the birth of new meanings and relationships, and imagine how the fantastical spaces that materialize out of the artist’s musings and experimentations with imagery might be inhabited. gallery@edwinacorlette.com for all enquiries.

Florid Flourish 2009

A Simple Tiled Floor 2009
A Simple Tiled Floor 2009


VEXTA In Conversation

Please join Vexta/Yvette Bacina In Conversation at Edwina Corlette Gallery , as she discusses her travels and what inspires her practice, both on the street and in the gallery.

Numbers are limited, RSVP essential.  Please call the gallery on 07 3358 6555 or email gallery@edwinacorlette.com to reserve your seat — Saturday, 10 October 2-3 pm.

Creature Fear 1 2009
Creature Fear 1 2009