Public Works – HaHa – National Gallery of Australia touring Space Invaders exhibition

Read Bronwyn Watson’s excellent article  from the Review section of the Weekend Australian HERE

IN 2002, HaHa, one of Australia’s best-known and most prolific street artists, was plastering the streets of Melbourne with a simple black stencil of the notorious bushranger Ned Kelly.

The Kelly stencil was like HaHa’s calling card. He even described himself and other street artists as the “bushrangers of the 21st century”. Such was his enthralment with Kelly that he had the outlaw’s image tattooed on to his leg.

HaHa says he is fascinated with Kelly and believes he was more than just a bushranger. “He was like the Robin Hood of the southern hemisphere,” he says. “He was for the oppressed to look towards as someone who said no to the tyranny of the British Empire; that is why Ned Kelly will never die.”

HaHa - PINK NED KELLY 2011 aerosol on paper edition of 11

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