Mark Whalen | Kill Pixie and Autolux

View the latest animation piece from Australian-born, Los Angeles based Mark Whalen (Kill Pixie), in collaboration with avant-garde US rock group Autolux.

The gallery is proud to be presenting an exhibition of new works by Mark Whalen in a solo exhibition at this year’s Melbourne Art Fair in August.




This is Julie Paterson’s first solo exhibition of paintings which explores the simple forms of bottles, beakers and bowls. Dependable and humble, they are the stuff of our daily lives.

‘I have been drawing, painting and designing things for over 20 years and I find that the more time I spend in the studio, the more fluid my creative flow and the richer my design practice.

A simple, mindful habit of drawing and painting, taking note of the small things, the every day detail, quietly and daily is a ritual I aspire to. It makes me feel good and balanced, like yoga of the head.’

The materials are masonite and plywood off cuts, house paint sample pots from the local hardware shop and gouache from the days when Julie used to design textiles for on paper for clothfabric.

EAT + DRINK 2012 acrylic on ply 70 x 49cm

2012 | New Gallery Artists

The gallery is very pleased to welcome two new artists to its stable in 2012.  Both JESSICA GERON and CARLA HANANIAH will have solo shows later this year.

JESSICA GERON has a Masters of Fine Arts in Painting from the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales.  She and her family have recently relocated from Sydney to Brisbane and her latest body of work is based around themes of living in a new urban environment.  Jessica’s solo show is in June.  Read more about Jessica here.

AFTER GLOW 2012 oil on canvas 107 x 137cm

CARLA HANANIAH  is the 2011 recipient of the Blake Prize Coburn Emerging Artist Award.  She is currently researching a Masters at Sydney’s College Of Fine Arts. Her research responds to a classic theme in art history of man’s relationship with nature through a series of tumultuous and poetic landscape paintings that also have significant contemporary relevance for the threat of global warming and environmental degradation. Read more about Carla here.

REVERENT 2011 oil on board 91 x 120 cm