JUDITH SINNAMON – Flora From a Fragile Land

Judith Sinnamon’s first solo exhibition opens at the gallery this Saturday, 14 July from 2-4pm.  Flora From a Fragile Land is a series of paintings inspired by the fragility of Australian coastal flora:

These paintings explore the subtle colours of remnant native flora of our coastal areas, flora which is fast disappearing in the onward push of ‘development’.

Too often these unique gifts have been unnoticed, unvalued and extinguished at the hands of settlers from other lands and their descendents.  Still intent on recreating on a blank canvas, some foreign version of paradise they set about replacing the drab green and desolate grey with the bright colours of exotic species.

In my series on Banksia Integrifolia, I delight in the exquisite palette of the coastal flora. Looking up at the heavenly silver-grey foliage, I am reminded of the luminous underbellies of Tiepolo’s clouds and cupids.

Wielding my secateurs I take foliage home to my studio, where I try to link their colours to the pale blue of the early morning sky.  I use a golden yellow base to create the lightness in the sky and foliage works, while for the forest floor series I work into a dark base building up layers of luminous colours. 

BANKSIA INTEGRIFOLIA 2012 oil on canvas

One thought on “JUDITH SINNAMON – Flora From a Fragile Land

  1. Hi Edwina, my early walks around Marcoola and Mudjimba with the dog are just the best start to my day. All the natives are flowering at the moment and then today I found Judiths work on your website. Superbly awesome!! She is the most inspiring native plant artist I have seen. With love, Tiff X.


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