Bundit Puangthong – Buffalo After the Rain

To coincide with the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art’s forthcoming Asia Pacific Triennial, the gallery is delighted to present Thai artist Bundit Puangthong’s third solo exhibition Kwaai Lang Fon (Buffalo After the Rain)  20 Nov – 13 Dec 2012

 This is the first complete body of work I have produced in my home country, Thailand. I’m not sure if the work looks any different visually because of it, but producing it definitely felt different to me. Instead of being inspired by a far away longing for my home country, this work is the culmination of all I have experienced since moving back to Thailand from Australia with my young family.

After living in Australia for 10 years, it has been a challenge living in Thailand again. I have experienced much frustration in relation to the struggles faced by many Thais. But it is the beauty of the people and their attitude to life that I am constantly renewed by, which I’ve tried to express in these new paintings.

My new work also deals with the personal struggles of my own family here. Although a loving one, my upbringing was very poor and difficult. I have been lucky to make a new life for myself but my family still does it very hard. Coming back to Thailand and seeing the way they live has been upsetting for me. With the sales of this exhibition I hope to be able to build the first home my family will ever own.  A home that will see my 67 year-old parents out of the flood-prone house they now live and the hope of an easier life for them.

The Thai saying ‘Kwaai Lang Fon’ meaning Buffalo After the Rain, describes the time in which the buffalo has done all the hard work of preparing the fields during the rainy season and can now rest while the farmer nurtures the new crop.

INSTANT BRAIN mixed media on linen 180 x 200 cm

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