Mark Whalen at The Standard in Hollywood

Mark Whalen recently completed a site-specific installation titled Vessels for The Standard Hotel in Hollywood.  Vessels have been a culturally significant and traditional form of art making for centuries. As an extension of his painting practice, Mark Whalen took his cue from these traditions to present a series of pictorial ceramic vessels for this particular work.  Read about this project HERE.

Video about “Vessel” by Mark Whalen courtesy of Monster Children


Hannah Cutts Exhibition – Look What I Found: Manila

Hannah Cutts current show Look What I Found: Manila is a crazy exhibition that pulls together the found object, street based artisans, humour and delicious compilations of all the above… printed on silks, painted on tin, welded, nailed and strung.  Hannah spent a lot of time planning before diving into the artsy depths of the Philippines in Manila, Antipolo and Quezon City for three weeks, where objects were sourced, collected, commissioned and sometimes just there for the taking.

‘I have been hoarding and collecting for years. I find pieces and lay them out then walk away. It is amazing how many times a piece will come together without too much planning. There is a theory that if you let your super-conscious come into play (that piece of you that dreams detailed dreams and wakes up 30 seconds before the alarm goes off) then your intuition, combined with all the things that you have seen and all the places that you have been, will do the work for you.’ Hannah Cutts, January 2014.

Exhibition current until 1 March 2014

LOOK WHAT I FOUND: MANILA …THE LAST STRAW from hannahcutts on Vimeo.

Julian Meagher at Goulburn Regional Gallery

Julian Meagher’s work GIN ACT 1736 has been included in Goulburn Regional Gallery’s exhibition EFFLORESCENT – A CONTEMPORARY TAKE which explores the many ways artists are moved to make works from their connection with flora.  Current until 12 April 2014 at Goulburn Regional Gallery, corner Church & Bourke streets, Goulburn New South Wales.

JULIAN MEAGHER Gin Act 1736 2013 oil on linen 137 x 182cm
JULIAN MEAGHER Gin Act 1736 2013 oil on linen 137 x 182cm