Craig Waddell – ‘Songs of the Heart’ – 11- 28 June

Sensual and tactile, Craig Waddell’s work celebrates both the sublime and the imperfect. Laying down paint, wet into wet, observing while intuitive colour and gesture build and change, he destroys, renews and resurrects images from everyday life.

A close attunement to the natural world began during childhood on his family farm. Whether painting a rooster as a riff on contemporary portraiture, or a protea as an evocation of love, he is confident journeying through colour choices, compositional risks, scraping back and starting fresh, ultimately building several layers of paint to finish the work. The results, he says, are the product of his fundamental interest in paint – through his immersion in the “field of activity” that is the canvas. Waddell’s earthy, emotional honesty provides a refreshing take on masculine use of paint without fear of beauty.

Waddell has exhibited widely throughout Australia and received numerous prizes, awards and residencies, most notably winning the Mosman Prize in 2010, the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize and the Tattersall’s Art Prize for Landscape Painting in 2005, and the Paddington and the Norville Australian Landscape Prizes both in 2004. He has also been a finalist in the Archibald Prize, the Sulman Prize, the Glover Prize for Landscape Painting and the Dobell Drawing Prize.

Hear what Craig has to say about his practice:


John Aslanidis at Drill Hall Gallery at the Australian National University

Colour Music brings together the work of visual artists who speculate on connections between pictorial form and pitch, harmony, movement and musical notation. A core of historical works by Roy de Maistre, Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack, Jozef Stanislaus Ostoja-Kotkowski and Frank Hinder provides the framework for contemporary artists who are also interested in the rapport between music and the visual arts. Extended forms of painting using light, performance, kinetics and musical collaborations renew the preoccupation with synaesthesia that haunted the modernist project.

Video/film works by Warren Burt, an immersive installation by Botborg, painted ‘compositions’ by John Aslanidis, Cathy Blanchflower, John Nixon and David Sequeria and collaborative performances round out this exhibition curated by Tony Oates.  Exhibition current from 15 August until 28 September 2014.

John’s first solo exhibition will be held at Edwina Corlette Gallery from 30 September until 28 October 2014. View more of John’s work HERE.

JOHN ASLINIDIS Sonic Network No. 5 Installation view.
JOHN ASLANIDIS Sonic Network No. 5 Installation view.