Carla Hananiah in the Studio

Having spent her childhood in New Zealand surrounded by the country’s breathtaking landscape Hananiah sought to capture the raw and sublime experience of witnessing vast horizons at play with natural light and shadow. Now based in Australia, the overwhelming beauty of nature and our relationship to its bewildering force inspires Hananiah’s work.

Each work of Hananiah’s can be viewed as a travel journal in visual form and a collection of musings on the sublime. Her landscapes seek to document her journeys as an emotional response to the poetry and energy around her. Her subjects include central desert plains, the cloud enshrouded Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, the deserted mountain ranges and sheer drops to lakes of the south of New Zealand, and the wild deserted beauty of northern New Zealand.

It is Hananiah’s technique, however, that has drawn so much attention. Exuberant brush strokes and marbled skies uniquely capture light, shadow and shape across immense spaces. The purity of colour in her works also purveys a sense of mysticism bordering on the spiritual.

Carla’s exhibition of new paintings ‘Traversing, Undaunted’, shows in the Gallery from 3 – 21 March, 2015. Hear what Carla has to say about her practice here:


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