Tara Marynowsky in the Studio

Tara Marynowsky’s painterly interventions on vintage postcards and subtly rendered watercolours explore the raw power of the feminine. She knows that nostalgia for a perfectly contained female energy exists alongside the historical transformation of women’s self-identity, and she looks to bring poetic truth to light. Her process-oriented sensibility balances emotive intensity with delicate line, form and colour, and imbues the fragile figures of men and women, animals, ghostly apparitions and masked players inhabiting her work with an otherworldly honesty – connecting a strangely familiar past with an unsettling present.

Provocative and direct, confronting and comforting, Marynowsky’s ability to enter the viewer into an intimate relationship with the fragility and beauty of curiosity, play and subverted politesse forces dialogue with the tropes we use to define ourselves. In her work, cultural stereotypes, mythical archetypes and unspoken longings meet up with the subconscious currents that influence our daily lives.

Hear what Tara has to say about her practice here:


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