Cultural Flanerie reviews ‘The Shallows’

A big thank you to Carrie McCarthy for her deeply thoughtful review of Abbey McCulloch’s ‘The Shallows’, showing at the Gallery until 18 April.

McCarthy writes: ‘Swimming in deep water unnerves me. I discovered this about a million years ago when I was a lifesaver on the Gold Coast. Being scared of what’s below you in the darkness is not ideal in that line of work, though it did tend to manifest itself in rather fast swim times just so I could get back into water shallow enough to see through. On the long training swims, way out past the break, I used to chant a little poem by ee cummings to myself to keep my mind calm and focused

“for whatever we lose (a you or a me), it’s always ourselves we find in the sea”

I hadn’t thought about that for years, until the other night standing in front of Abbey McCulloch’s new show The Shallows at Edwina Corlette Gallery. It was odd the way it came back to me – repeating the line over and over again until the rhythm of the words blocked out the fear; the feeling of being sucked downwards into the depths even though you know you’re still afloat; how strong my arms and back would feel surfing in on a wave; how good for my spirit it was at the end of it all. Once I was back on land I mean.’

Follow this link for McCarthy’s full article.





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