Julian Meagher, sensitive masculinity.    


​In one of life’s more curious turns, I ended up owning a cocktail bar about six years ago. Me, the chick with no hospitality experience, who’d never waited tables, never pulled a beer and didn’t knowthe difference between an ale and a lager, was suddenly having to work out how to change a beer keg and what the hell people meant when they asked for a “CC and dry.” To say it was a steep learning curve is an understatement. It was a world away from my previous life in writing and interior design.But the patrons and Isurvived the rocky start and now its almost second nature to me. I’ve even won awards for my espresso martinis – go figure!

Howeverowning a bar, even now that I’m rarely actually the one serving drinks, is something that has never sat easily with me. On a daily basis I rely on the…

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Venice Biennale 2015 Preview Week




While the art fair is often seen as the whore, selling its wares to those who can afford them, the Venice Biennale has always been the lady of the art world. The most venerated of biennales dating back to 1895; you can look, but not touch, intellectual stimulation and provocation is valued over the commercial, and nothing is for sale. Well, things have changed it seems. For weeks before the opening of the VIP previews my inbox was flooded with invitations for Biennale dinners, lunches, cocktail parties, and collateral exhibitions… hosted by galleries. That set the tone for the rest of the preview week. Just when you thought running from pavilion to pavilion was enough sport, this edition boasted as many events by commercial galleries, using the break between the Biennale and Art Basel as an opportunity to flog artists and push sales for their biennale-exhibiting artists. Try in Venice…

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