Amber Boardman’s Oddities by Cultural Flanerie

A huge congratulations to Amber Boardman and her first solo show ‘Expansion’ with Edwina Corlette Gallery, and a big thank you to Carrie McCarthy, author of Cultural Flanerie, for her article.

Pedicure Bike Commute

McCarthy writes: “People are weird. They’re frigging weird. I’m not talking about the crazies woven in to the social fabric of big cities, like the guy on my bus who punches the air around him and whispers “boo” in fellow commuters’ ears, or the witchy-looking woman on a Paris street who pointed her finger at me through a foggy window and screamed some unintelligible French curse on me because I happened to meet her eye. No, I’m talking about the rest of us…the ones who watch reality television and make stars out of people like the Kardashians and Honey Boo-Boo, who’ll eat a Big Mac and an extra large fries at McDonalds but counter it with a Diet Coke, or who have hot wax poured on our genitals in an attempt to look more aesthetically pleasing but freak out at the thought of a pap smear or prostate check because that’s just a bit too invasive. You know, us ‘normal’ people, who live our lives without any idea of our own inherent madness.”

Read the full article on Cultural Flanerie

Compassion Painting 2015


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