Sarah Werkmeister on Julian Meagher for Art Guide

Sarah Werkmeister reviews Julian Meagher’s exhibition ‘Alone in the Sun’ in the current edition of Art Guide magazine:

“It’s fair to say that Australia has a rocky history. Julian Meagher’s new exhibition, Alone in the Sun, interrogates the scars left behind, in both the national consciousness and in the landscape itself, with a deft poeticism…

Meagher’s trademark bottles and flora feature in the show as well, making reference not only to the artefact – he worked with a scuba diver to source bottles from Sydney Harbour and scoured op shops too – but also to the need to drink to deal with hardship. Instead of imbuing the typical Australian masculinity onto notions of drinking, the delicacy and translucency of the paint allude to the passing of time through an object, speaking to an understanding of human nature and the way it influences our psychic environment.

Meagher seems to suggest that we’re all implicated in Australia’s scars and that the only way to move forward is to start by looking back.”

Burnt by the Midnight Sun, oil on linen, 153 x 182 cm

Read the full article here.

Alone in the Sun is current until 27 November.

Please join Edwina Corlette Gallery for the Exhibition Opening and Artist Talk on Saturday, 14 November 2 – 4pm. All welcome.



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