Craig Waddell finalist in the Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing

Congratulations to Craig Waddell who has been selected as a finalist in the Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing 2016 with his work ‘Between Heaven and Hell’. The award is held at Adelaide Perry Gallery in ‘The Croydon’ Centre for Art, Design & Technology, judged by curator and writer Ms Julie Ewington.

This years winner of the $25,000 acquisitive award will be announced at the official opening, Friday 26 February, 7pm. The exhibition is current 27 February – 24 March 2016 at Adelaide Perry Gallery.

Craig Waddell ‘Between Heaven & Hell (Diaries of Thailand)’ 2016

Craig’s drawing ‘Between Heaven and Hell’ reflects his time spent in Thailand. It is part of an installation of multidisciplinary work that was developed at Chiang Mai University with the support of a Marten Bequest Scholarship. He writes,

“These works are a response to the many images found within Thai temple murals, which depict excerpts from the Jataka stories, episodes from Buddha’s life, scenes of Buddhist heaven and hell and rows of gods. Scenes of contemporary Thai life are also often represented.

Within my work I explore a world of mythological figures and narratives questioning one’s own morality. They explore themes of temptation and seduction and the overarching human desire to attain enlightenment. In these works we can view half-human, half-animal figures that are often portrayed in uncompromising situations.

Via subtext the images are layered with hidden meanings and suggestions, often playing with titles to portray a world full of satire and moral allegory.

I find the process of drawing daily in diaries allows me to document and build a dialogue with my subject. It is the immediacy of drawing that I am drawn to. It hits a cord with my imagination and allows me to stay present in the world, an observer, and someone that interacts with the environment that I am in when travelling. The ‘Thailand Diaries’ allowed me to locate myself in a foreign culture whilst observing from a distance. They are an attempt to record my daily concerns with sexuality, life and death. They help me confront my own immortality and belief system.”

Craig forthcoming exhibition is from 23 August – 17 September 2016.



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